From humble beginnings at Sydney’s Paddington Markets, Rina Timpano is building an empire. RinaScentia, her range of sustainable cosmetics is gaining a cult following at the markets and gaining traction throughout Australia and the world.

A mother of three, savvy, vibrant and forced to rethink life after separation, Rina had a clear vision of what she wanted to achieve with her start up. Her interest in the world of cosmetics began in the 1980s when she began to study and use essential oils. This was the forerunner for the range of products she now markets. Concerns about chemicals used by major cosmetics companies and the impact these ingredients were having on her skin and that of her children were her motivation.

The Sydneysider believes the cosmetics market lacked diversity in skincare, so she set out to become a Cosmetic Alchemist, creating solutions to skin ailments and allergies. To do this, she drew on her mother’s wisdom. Rina recalls the family matriarch used to make her own laundry soap, poultices and balm. These techniques have been refined and combined with the help of modern technology to create products which Rina says make a real difference to the health of skin for everyone.

Her range of products are starting to gain traction in Australia, and are already popular throughout Spain, Slovenia, California, Philadelphia and Europe. She credits this success to international tourists that visit her market stall revelling in her cosmetics and raving about the products to family and friends when returning home overseas. The challenge now for Rina is to meet the growing expectations of global demand of her followers and how she manages production.

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