Naturopath & Fertility Educator, Gina Fox has written about fertility and what can be done to increase it, in her new co-authored book Create a Fertile Life. The book is based on current scientific evidence and explores how couples stand the best chance of conceiving at any age.

IVF rates are soaring and the chances of conceiving naturally are becoming harder and harder. Ms Fox, a co-author of the book, said there is so much misinformation out there. “People are looking to Dr Google and ‘expert’ bloggers for information but so much of what is online is not based on fact,” she said. “People are getting the wrong advice from these bloggers who are putting out tidbits of false information. Create A Fertile Life is a well-researched book filled with facts that people can use to improve their chances of having a healthy baby.”

One of those ‘facts’ that people get wrong is that fertility or problems with fertility lies in the lap of the woman. “Men play a big part in whether conception happens. Sperm counts have halved in Australia over the last 40 years and now, a sperm count morphology where only four percent of the sperm are considered normal is considered a good result,” she said.

Conception success is not just about the health of the woman. With the man making up 50% of the genetic material, it pays for the man’s sperm to be as healthy as possible. “Given we live in a world of fast food, long work hours and high stress, it is no wonder fertility is dropping. Creating a baby is more than just having sex. With people putting off having babies until they are older, there are many environmental and lifestyle factors that impact the health of the sperm,” said Ms Fox.

Getting your body ready to have a baby is like preparing for a marathon; you don’t just get up and run 42kms without training. Create A Fertile Life explores how to prepare a couple with everything they need to know to get pregnant naturally, boost fertility, prevent miscarriage, and improve success with IVF.

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