When Suzi Dafnis started her first business at the age of 26 she had no vision, no business plan, no team, no systems and ultimately no idea what she was doing. So when asked why it was that she created HerBusiness the answer is always, “for me”.

Dafnis admits that she needed HerBusiness. “I needed the community around me, I needed access to inspiring stories of other women who were also chasing a dream (even though they didn’t know how to grasp for that dream),” she said. Dafnis wanted to create a community where mentors and experts in their fields could unite together to share knowledge while simultaneously filling the gaps in their own.

Dafnis had no formal business training and barely knew what type of business she wanted to create, but what she did have was passion and from that HerBusiness was born. HerBusiness is a community that empowers women business owners, by providing a collaborative network the organisation is able to assist in business growth, enhance the development of relationships, provide training and support and help businesses generate sales through mentoring and training programs.

Dafnis was able to turn her passion for supporting and empowering women into a wonderful reality, being presented with opportunities to work alongside incredible women every day. “I was looking for champions who would be in my corner whether things were rocky or whether I was flying high,” Dafnis said. “I built this community to get closer to the information and resources that would help me grow my business and expand my team.”

Dafnis’ entrepreneurial journey started 23 years ago in the spare room of her Sydney apartment where she began a boutique events company representing speakers and authors from the USA and Australia. “Over the years I’ve grown multiple multi-million dollar businesses in the events, publishing and education niches, with teams in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA,” Dafnis said. “Not everything has worked and there has been a degree of trial and error, and a lot of bumps in the road. But I have always had a strong commitment to always surrounding myself with great mentors and like-minded peers, a Connection Network that I can depend on and who can depend on me to be there for them too.”

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