Alison Mitchell, a freelance sports broadcaster, has been announced as part of Channel Seven‘s commentary team for the upcoming summer Test cricket series. The first female voice in Australian Test cricket for more than 35 years, Alison has reported that she is pleased to be joining the commentary team.

David Barham, Channel Seven’s head of cricket, believes that “[Alison] is a gun commentator… She’s picked because she is very good at her job. To me she is in the best two or three, that’s what you want,” he said. The last time there was a female commentator in Australian Test cricket was in 1983 and Alison’s appointment to the Seven commentary team has been welcomed. Having begun her broadcasting career with the BBC while in high school, Alison now specialises in cricket commentary and has also hosted the Stumped cricket show for the BBC. Although born and raised in England, Alison has a special regard for Australian cricket. “As much as I’m English, my mother actually hails from Adelaide. A lot of my childhood memories are of the family visits we would make home to Australia, playing backyard cricket from morning to night.”

Known for her professionalism and knowledge, Alison will be joining cricketing greats Ricky Ponting, Glenn McGrath, Damien Fleming and Michael Slater in the commentary box. “It’s going to feel like an immense privilege to be on the other side of that screen and to help Seven grow cricket and the audiences,” Mitchell said. Alison had been working with UK channel BT Sport over the 2017 cricket season, commentating alongside Ponting and Fleming, both of whom are looking forward to working with her again. “Her research is second to none,” said Fleming. “She watches so much cricket… it was a breeze to work with her last year on BT Sport,” he said. “Alison is going to bring a lot of knowledge, freshness and an English voice as well.”

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