Cre8dance founder, Katherine Flynn has a new fundraising intuitive called #DanceforDignity, which encourages others to step up for their friends. The new campaign is proudly sponsored by National domestic and family violence support charity, Friends With Dignity. Friends With Dignity are a national not-for-profit organisation, which focus on providing a platform for anyone hoping to change the perception and statistics of domestic and family violence throughout Australia.

“The issue of domestic and family violence is very close to our hearts, and we wanted to #stepup and help raise funds for this most worthwhile cause. #DanceforDignity is encouraging budding dancers and the general community to sign up to an eight-week online dance tutorial program, with a percentage of proceeds donated to Friends With Dignity, who were recognised at The Australian Charity Awards for the second year running,” said Ms Flynn. “We are thrilled to be taking part in this event as we genuinely believe in the work and want to have fun and raise funds for this wonderful organisation. It is an issue that is very close to our hearts.”

The organisation relies on donations of new and pre-loved whitegoods, furniture and household items from the community to create “sanctuaries” for men, women, and children leaving refuge to start a new life. The #DanceforDignity initiative which starts in September, will aim to build creativity, mindfulness, and confidence through eight different levels of Lyrical Hip-Hop dance moves.

“Dance is a really positive way to spread the word and message around what Friends with Dignity does for our community,” said Friends With Dignity Chief Operations Officer, Zoe Scharenguivel. “We hope that our supporters will get involved and new people will learn about what we do. It’s a chance to get fit, have fun, and support their organisation.”

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