Danielle Bleazby is the current Chairwoman of the Women For Challenge (WFC) Committee, after first joining the WFC committee five years ago. Danielle has significant experience running major events, currently working as the AFL Head of Customer Experience.

One of the nominees for the AFL’s 2014 Football Woman of the Year, Danielle has also been involved in larger projects, including the redevelopment of the Great Southern Stand at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. This project saw her sit on a committee with the Victorian Government to ensure the best possible outcomes for fans, members and sponsors in delivering better facilities throughout. Danielle has always gone over and above the call of duty to ensure that football is represented in the best possible light and ensures that she always works on ways to continually move the sport forward.

Danielle’s expertise in event management and passion for ensuring the best outcomes is essential for the upcoming WFC Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend Gala Dinner. “I have 20 years experience running some of Australia’s biggest major events, therefore I can contribute a lot in the sense of how to run the [Dinner]… I also have a broad network which means I can access many donations for the main and silent auctions, raffle and gift bags.”

“I think Challenge do such important work in supporting families that are dealing with a child that has cancer. Anything that can make a family’s journey easier is so worthwhile as they have so many stresses to deal with, if we can just help a little bit we have made an impact. I also love that it is not only directed at the child, but it supports the entire family. It’s just such important work.”

The committee Chairwoman describes herself as “passionate, creative, ambitious, love a laugh and to have fun, thoughtful, fiercely loyal, adventurous and sporty… I’m also just so passionate about the cause and love to get creative around how we can produce an amazing event whilst also increasing the funds we raise.”  She reports that the highlights of being part of the MFC are “the fabulous women I get to work with on the committee, the events themselves and just knowing how needed the funds are that we raise.”

Banner image: Danielle Bleazby with Stuart Robertson