Dr Kristina Cain is leading the way in a new addition to dental services, with many patients adding a side of anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers while they are in the chair.

Refresh Dental Spa’s Dr Kristina Cain said it makes sense that dentists are becoming the go-to clinicians to treat painful or confidence zapping ailments with injectables like Botox. “Botox has a big place in dentistry it can help relieve chronic jaw pain, reduce problems such as grinding that can wear teeth away and dramatically improve gummy or asymmetrical smiles.” Dr Cain said dentists are highly skilled at assessing the balance and overall aesthetics of the face. “Dentistry has really evolved as a profession, we can now treat patients in a much more holistic way and when they confide to us about insecurities they have about their mouth or face we are now well positioned to come up with a solution.”

Dr Cain explained that an injectable like Botox, Dysport or Xeomin works by relaxing the muscle and preventing the top lip from being able to lift as high when smiling or can help to realign crooked lips. “I had a patient who felt very self-conscious about her gummy smile but after an injectable muscle relaxing treatment she had more confidence at work and in her love life.” Dr Cain added botox is also effective in treating debilitating jaw pain from TMJ issues, it can assist by relaxing the masseter or temporalis muscle, and even bring immediate relief when other traditional treatments have failed.

With the holistic approach, skilled professionals and clinical environment adhering to the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness, Dr Cain said these benefits help the patients achieve their goals as they offer them with useful advice and educate them in different treatments. “Dento-facial aesthetics are used to make the most out of other cosmetic dental treatments, so that wrinkles, fine lines or thin pursed lips do not distract from their smile.” Dr Cain said she was at the first training sessions for dentists in Australia in 2011 and quickly saw the amazing therapeutic benefits of incorporating facial injectables into practice. “I don’t think you need to be a psychologist to see that if a person feels more confident about their appearance it will flow into all areas of their life.”