Women’s health and wellness company Slim By Nature House has opened one of Australia’s first detox houses on the Gold Coast.

Slim By Nature, established by nutritionist, entrepreneur and mother of two Zhanna Gee in 2012, is a holistic health and well-being company. Gee created the concept when she herself was on a mission to detox and shed a few kilograms, and her exclusive programs have now helped more than 30,000 women around Australia detox, burn fat and live healthier lives. “I started doing research on how to lose weight. I did some trials, different diets, lost some weight, and thought ‘so many women can benefit from this. I was concerned that many women were becoming too ashamed to embrace a healthy lifestyle due to the growing ‘anti body shaming’ and ‘body beautiful’ trends,” said Gee. “There are a number of women who will attempt some kind of diet without any form of education, or even support from family or friends.”

The secret to Slim By Nature’s success is its exclusive all-natural “detox drops” used in conjunction with specially-tailored diet plans, and access to dedicated support and coaching from both the Slim By Nature team of experts, and the online community of devotees. The Slim By Nature detox drops, perfected over many years and manufactured in Australia, help to boost natural hormones which in turn cause the hypothalamus area of the brain to trigger a release of abnormal fat stores. “The detox drops are what brings the entire program together and actually makes the body lose unnecessary fat. By simply dieting, the brain goes into a starvation mindset, which in turn causes it to hold on to excess fat even more,” said Gee. “Slim By Nature House is a welcoming space for both potential and existing clients to visit with Slim By Nature’s mindset coach, and each other, to discuss their progress and feel empowered and supported,” said Mrs Gee. “The detox and fat-burning programs are just the first step. My main goal for every client is to give them a healthy and happy lifestyle beyond the program. I am driven by the passion and desire to nurture, educate, and not only support, but empower, women throughout their entire journey.”

As well as the three-step detox programs, Slim By Nature also runs various Body Transformation Challenges six to eight times per year. Slim By Nature also supports the community by offering a percentage of profits to notable women’s charitable organisations.

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