Personal stylist and go-to fashion expert, Dianne Cant has had a long career in the fashion industry. Her style and her business are always evolving as the trends change.

“I do have an innate sense of style. I have been doing this a long time, love what I do and with the repeat clients and the way my business grew I think I give people the confidence in shopping and dressing – both male and female clients,” she said.

Recently, Di launched her new business, Suitcase Savvy. Here, she offers advice on how to pack smart and stay stylish. Di works with individual clients, travel groups as well as travel agent events, helping people to pack across the travel spectrum, from mini breaks to around the world trips. An avid traveller, Di has four decades of jet setting experience, travelling for business, adventure and pleasure to draw on. Her sessions cover contrasts in countries, cultures, climate and clothes.

Although she does not have any professional training, no diploma or degree in personal or corporate styling, Di said that when she started there was not even such a course to take. Parade styling grew into personal styling which led to her becoming in demand and evolving to business styling. “Styling is not a rocket science but it is very much about natural talent, that special flair that enables the stylist to be able to ‘style’ the client,” she said.  It also has a lot to do with the person beneath the clothes and how different things factor into a personality, but Di won’t give away all her secrets.

Her most memorable styling experiences were in 1985 when she was invited to take Queensland Fashion brands and models to Japan with the State Government Trade Mission and in 2000 when she styled thirty models for the ’50 years of Catwalk’ at the Hilton. “The lead model was my dear friend and mentor, Miss June Dally Watkins, who of course was the original very famous Australian Model from the 1950s. I walked on the catwalk that day holding my baby grandson, John and he will turn 18 in June.”

Di says trends we should be looking out for this winter are velvet, leopard prints, the colour red, trouser suits, white shirts or blouses, cross body bags and clear perspex heels, just to name a few. Though what is most important is that people wear things which suit their personal body type and style.

Work and social life have never been a problem for Di as she said she always lived her job as part of her lifestyle. Working with her late husband was always a joy for her as he ran a motor dealer so they always worked well together during events such as ‘Frocks and Ferraris’. Di has some exciting projects coming up, following the launch of her website, Suitcase Savvy, she speaks at events on travel styling. Suitcase Savvy complements her work with her existing website, Istyle Fashion. “Its been a fabulous life and I am so blessed that I am still called on for styling and have had some wonderful experiences over the five decades.”

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