Founder of Women in Digital Holly Tattersall is a Brisbane-based digital influencer devoted to changing the face of tech in Australia, recognising and supporting female digital influencers and industry leaders.

Women in Digital began as a mentoring organisation four years ago when Holly was at a challenging and unsatisfactory stage of her career. “I was fortunate enough to have an executive from Deloitte Digital take a real interest in my direction and offered to catch up with me for coffee regularly. She became my mentor and that experience was pivotal and helped me to grow my confidence, industry contacts and refine my strategic direction. What I experienced is something that I believed many other women could benefit from, so I started Women in Digital to give back and provide that opportunity to others.” The organisation consists of around 10,000 community members who look to them for guidance as well as connection with mentors, driving media exposure opportunities for bold and ambitious women and bringing positive impacts to the industry. “We now also host an awards program to celebrate and highlight female role models in the community. We feel it’s really important to share the stories of female leaders in the digital industries to inspire the next generation of digital leaders and entrepreneurs.”

The limited resources made starting the organisation very difficult. However, the challenges forced Holly to become resourceful in finding the information she required online. With support from the volunteer assistants and speakers who gave their time and energy because they believed in what Holly wanted to achieve, the organisation was growing gradually. “I love the rewarding nature of the work I do. Every day I feel empowered to help create positive change.” Holly never thought Women in Digital would be so successful, with the organisation now expanding globally. Due to being purpose driven, Holly believes the key to success is her clear recognition of her mission and empowerment to local chapter members. “I believe a strong mission with regional adaptation will allow any business or NFP to flourish globally.”

In the upcoming inaugural Awards Gala, Holly hopes to discover successful businesswomen and entrepreneurs that are otherwise unknown, sharing their stories and inspiring more females to be bold and create their dream start-ups. “The industry holds incredible opportunities for women. Not only are there a growing number of opportunities, they are well paid and often facilitate all important flexible working arrangements that allow mums to stay engaged in the workforce.”

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