Each year the NAWIC IWD scholarship awards $20,000 to a woman-focused on contributing towards the enhancement of women’s careers in the construction industry.

The 2019 IWD winner was NAWIC QLD’s Chair of Education and Mentoring, Dr Fiona Lamari, who utilised the Scholarship funds to create a Virtual Construction Site Tour with the objective of informing young women about various career opportunities in the industry.

“I want to demystify the construction industry through a virtual experience that can mimic a realIstic building construction site,” says Dr Lamari. “I want to ignite the curiosity inside female school students and have them walk away with excitement, wanting to find out more.

Thanks to the NAWIC IWD Scholarship, I was able to realise my vision to the full extent.” Last month Dr Lamari took her Virtual Construction Site Tour to three schools in Far North Queensland. It has also been offered to high school students in Brisbane, Toowoomba and Townsville.

Dr Lamari, who is a QUT Lecturer in Construction Project Management developed the technology in collaboration with Multiplex. “It’s important that we reach out to young women when they are in their high school years and beginning to consider their career path. We want them to realise that there are many avenues open to them in construction; to know it is safe, rewarding and that there is plenty of support available,” said Dr Lamari.

NAWIC National Chair Kristine Scheul added that the Association was pleased to see the Scholarship producing practical outcomes. “I’m so proud to see the ongoing results of the NAWIC National IWD Scholarship, and am looking forward to seeing what the 2020 Scholarship recipient brings,” she said.

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