Aside from being a working mother of three children, a wife, and entrepreneur, Carmen Ellis is also a consistent voice in the fight to protect marine mammals and their environment.  The founder of the eco-travel company Majestic Whale Encounters, this busy working mother is the definition of girl-boss

Carmen’s passion and love for all animals were evident from a young age.  Dedicating her career to working with animals, her childhood dream of swimming with what she considers to be the most intelligent and graceful animals on earth became a reality on a holiday in 2013, which led to the launch of Majestic Whale Encounters. Building the business from the ground up, Carmen was committed to providing travel experiences that not only fulfill lifelong dreams, but that also educate and leave a minimal environmental footprint.

Now hosting expeditions to Tonga, Tahiti and Norway to swim with humpbacks and orcas, Carmen has not only established a company that allows her guests to swim alongside these truly magnificent creatures with minimal impact to the environment, but that also provides education to all guests surrounding biology, behaviour and habitat Carmen is a great of inspiration to us all and demonstrates that following your dreams can make positive changes that impact a greater cause.

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