Ella Fence is set to release her new single Love Me On Purpose on Friday 18 October.

The award winning songwriter and performer has toured and performed in the USA, Berlin, England, Canada and Norway, as well as all across Australia.  The second song off the Australian, electro-pop artist’s debut album Wanderlust, Love Me On Purpose is a hypnotic and powerful song, with a strong sense of purposefulness portrayed through the lyrics.

The line from the track ‘love me in the daytime’ is Ella’s favourite from the track, saying “fleeting and flakey love, in my experience, tends to be fuelled by the evening, when there’s alcohol and the vibrancy of the night.  Something about wanting to be part of someone’s day life feels different to me than only wanting to be part of their nightlife”.

The past year has been a whirlwind for Ella, having supported many big names including Kate Miller Heidke and Regurgitator at the 2018 Commonwealth Games Festival, as well as the likes of Montaigne, Boo Seeka, and Jack River. If you are a fan of Kate Miller Heidke and Lana Del Rey, Ella Fence is right up your alley, with bold and smokey tones behind a gorgeous voice.

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