Danielle Hastie is an emerging local filmmaker taking strides in her film career. Her newest film, Not Like Me, which she wrote and directed, is in the crowd funding stages of production and will be submitted to upcoming film festivals throughout the next year.

Danielle recently had her documentary Art, Bars & Scars officially selected for the Noosa International Film Festival, Auckland International Film Festival, and Santa Fe Film Festival. It is being produced by Grace Uther, another local female film maker, and has a cast and crew from the Brisbane area. Danielle explained that having the film selected for two regional festivals felt like a green light to make more. She said, “Now I have more support, more backing, a fantastic crew and cast who believe in this new project and I’m really excited about where it could lead!”

Not Like Me is a coming of age story with a vivid visual design of vegetable carving. The film tackles issues of domestic violence, growing up with conflicting masculine role models and how being ‘different’ is okay. She said, “There is such a ground swell in society at the moment, surrounding family violence and gender-based violence. Where does it come from and what does this do to future generations?” The film does not directly show a violent episode but offers commentary on masculinity and how boys grow up in that kind of environment. “This film is for those kids, and kids who have experienced any kind of violent trauma or families struggling to cope with the aftermaths of family violence,” Danielle said.

The inspiration for this film came from a strange place, Danielle explained. While on a cruise with her parents she watched a vegetable carving competition and a cauliflower poodle is where her inspiration struck. She started to fill in the gaps with real world issues. “There is a lot of anger out there that I think we need to address,” she said, “I’ve been quite interested in how domestic violence, and just general violence in society has shaped so many lives – or destroyed them.

She has always been telling stories which has helped to shape her career. After studying illustration at art school, and embracing theatre she went on to complete a theatre design degree at VCA.  “I feel ready to tell my own stories and share my own view of the world, particularly as an emerging female writer and director.”

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