Sally Hetherington OAM was only twenty-five years old when she packed up her belongings and bought a one-way ticket to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Originally running a foreign-volunteer program, Sally soon realised she had believed the falsehood that sustainable development could not occur without ongoing support from international volunteers.

Sally spent the next four years building up a community centre, Human and Hope Association, with a team of local staff. She successfully made herself redundant in 2016, and the organisation is now entirely locally-led and run. Sally is the CEO of Human and Hope Association Incorporated (Australia) and raises funds to empower communities to reduce inequalities. The organisation aims to alleviate poverty through grassroots, empowering projects focused on education, vocational training, and community development.

You will often find her in the media talking about the importance of local empowerment when it comes to international development. She is also often back in Siem Reap leading Purpose and Philanthropy Field Trips for those interested in learning about the culture and history of Cambodia whilst experiencing a different form of travel… One that completely immerses the traveller with the locals and empowers them to be an ethical traveller.

Sally’s manifesto, It’s Not About Me, was published by Elephant House Press in 2019, with all proceeds supporting Human and Hope Association Incorporated.