Christie Sutherland has been announced as the first ever Fashion Ambassador for The Treasury Brisbane.  Hard working and tenacious, Christie is originally from South Africa who now calls Tenneriffe home.

Fashion and business live in Christie’s bones. “A love of fashion has always been present in my life, it started with my Mum, purchasing way too many pairs of shoes in my youth. I would spend hours in her wardrobe and it made me want one of my own. From there my inquisitive nature had me reading and watching as many documentaries as I could before growing up and completing one of my degrees in Fashion Design.”

Christie is taking on the honour of being the first fashion ambassador with enthusiasm.  “My role as the first ever Fashion Ambassador for Treasury Brisbane is to bring fashion back to our city and make its home at this iconic brand. I am most looking forward to the upcoming events and the representation I will be able to bring Treasury Brisbane in our city,” she said. “Think trunk shows and private designer collection showings, cheese and champagne evenings with a fashion-forward twist, intimate dinners with local designers and so much more. As a lover of Brisbane City being a part of this heritage family is so incredibly humbling.”

Christie maintains, though, the role comes with challenges and risk and is not all fine dining and canapes. “Professionally my biggest challenge has been recent and it was taking a risk. Diving into the freelance world from a very comfortable and notable position in media took many convincing evenings with myself. I am a planner and lead a life of organisation yet my drive to experience more and take on new experiences pushed me to delve into the unfamiliar. As challenging as that decision eight weeks ago was, the reward has been unimaginable.”

“Previous to this, (another professional highlight was) being awarded the title of Editor at Style Magazines at the age of 23. I worked hard, tirelessly and never gave up on my dream. It was a point in my life that I truly believed that anything was possible if I put my mind to it. I worked with some incredible people and got to engage in some very special moments.” Filled with entrepreneurial spirit at a young age, Christie is careful to take care of her brain power. Her advice to others is “When the going gets tough I get my journal outlay on the floor and write, note experiences down and re-read other moments that I sat down perhaps in that very same spot and a tough moment seems to turn into a triumphant one.