This year, multi-awarded writer and amputee Lisa Cox will be gracing the runaway at FashionAble, one of Brisbane’s premier fashion events. Hosted by Brisbane fashion icon Di Cant, this year’s runway fashion parade and photographic exhibition FashionAble will be embracing diversity in the modelling industry, featuring ready to wear designs modelled by people of all abilities.

Lisa Cox was 24 when she contracted an infection which caused her to have a stroke. The medication required to help her recover caused damage to one of her legs, her toes and fingertips, which all had to be amputated. Lisa, who now uses a wheelchair, will headline FashionAble – the pre-eminent event for leading Queensland disability support service provider Multicap. Lisa is the author of multiple books and has a strong professional background in media. Fused with her life-changing experiences, this has fuelled her mission to muse, educate, challenge convention and broaden our definitions of diversity. Her work has been published nationally and internationally for publications like Huffington Post and The Sydney Morning Herald.

“I am excited to have this opportunity with Multicap,” Lisa said. “Not only because of the fun runway experience but also because I love that FashionAble is about diversity and the inclusion of all abilities. I’ve been working to create visibility for disability and change people’s perceptions of disability so that it will no longer be exciting that someone in a wheelchair or with any disability is on the runway – it will just be the usual. People with disability make up about 20 per cent of the population so we deserve to be recognised.”

Lisa will be among the 20 models on the FashionAble runway, including three of Multicap’s young people with disability and 10 catwalk models.

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