Georgina Forbes has fashion in her DNA. She also happens to be a sought after artist whose vivid prints have featured in collaborations with some of Queensland’s best-known fashion and accessory creatives.

Artistic for as long as she can remember, Forbes has always been fascinated with patterns. As a child of the 80s, it is no surprise she admits to being a Ken Done and Jenny Kee tragic and if you squint, you will see a bit of their influence shining through her luminous patterns.

Forbes remembers hand stitching clothes for her dolls as a child and dreaming of one day launching her own fashion range. Her ambitions were temporarily derailed when she accidentally cut through the cords of the school sewing machine, earning herself a meeting with the Deputy Principal. Despite this potentially life threatening setback, Forbes went on to study both art and fashion through university, continuing to create her unique art while also working in retail, visual merchandising and styling both in Australia and overseas.

Somewhere in between, Forbes managed to add three kids to her gallery of impressive creations. Her family continues to offer her the advice and feedback she has never actually asked for, but Forbes describes them as her personal cheer squad who have always backed her ambitions, inspired her creativity and joined in her enthusiasm to create something new.

From a childhood filled with drawing, collaging, painting, and a strong dose of motherly encouragement – Forbes’ work could be explained as a refined splash of youthful doodles, prints and an extensive spectrum of colour. “Colour has always been a prominent visual component in my art due to its strong visual impact and its direct influence with my feelings and emotions,” explains Forbes.

You have seen Lordy Dordie prints bring life to walls in homes and homeware stores, and you have seen them walking down the street through hugely successful stints joining forces with Jericho Road, Bee Twomey and Poppy Lane. Now you can own and wear Lordy Dordie art as Forbes finally brings her decades long vision to life.

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