Fee Zard is a teacher at BodyMindLife’s new studio in Byron Bay, due to open in April 2020. Zard’s involvement in BodyMindLife continues helping the wellness centre address a broader scope of the community, offering yoga, pilates, and wellness for everybody.

Zard at her core is an individual with a desire to teach what she loves. She completed her first training in 2014 with Annie Carpenter and numerous teachers around the world. Having expert knowledge in both dance and yoga, she was inspired to combine her unique knowledge and experience to develop an innovative style of yoga. With a Bachelor of Psychology, her teachings are deeply inspired by how the brain functions and the impacts yoga can have on our mental process and emotional capacity. Zard has continued to immerse herself in the practice mindful movement for over two decades. She trained as an elite gymnast throughout her childhood which was sadly cut short by injury in her teens. But she recovered strong, turning to dance and going on to travel and teach extensively.

In her early twenties, she found yoga and was instantly drawn to the practice. Zard offers practitioners a deeper understanding of how to move prana and energy throughout the entire body. Her practice has been developed as a way to isolate the vertebrae of the spine, as well as master segmental control of the limbs and body. The fluidity of movement encourages flow in its truest sense and the breath is always at the forefront of awareness. Through BodyMindLife, Zard will continue to complement and enrich the thriving wellness environment that already exists in Byron Bay. With a beautiful, mindful and strengthening yoga practice, in a sustainably built space, attracting a steady flow of teachers, students and visitors year-round.

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