Born into a family of retailers and entrepreneurs, it seems normal for Aeron Paterson, the co-founder of We Are Feel Good Inc., to go on an entrepreneurial journey.

15 years ago, Aeron started her first retail venture, MILC, with co-founder and current owner Nicole Cartledge. In 2006, she started her own girl’s clothing label, for ages 1 through to 12 called LUCCA.P, she was responsible for designs, manufacturing, and distribution. This meant moving to Bali to assist in smoother Manufacturing & Operations.

Aeron returned to Australia in 2009, where she had her 3rd child. Two years later, she entered into the surf retail market, opening a Quiksilver store in Dunsborough WA, Aeron still owns and manages this store, alongside her busy role at We Are Feel Good Inc.

Dreaming for a sunscreen that is Australian made, Aeron and her partners hoped to develop a sunscreen that families could use and totally trust. After years of developing and refining, We Are Feel Good Inc. was opened. The brand has launched sunscreens that aim to give users a non-sticky feeling. They also include other preservative-free products such as Coco Milk moisturizer and Pawpaw Nectar.

As the Chief Operations Manager, Aeron plays an active and vital role in the business, she currently focuses on the company’s packaging with her passion for sustainability.

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