Five of Brisbane’s best bohemian interiors businesses transformed a newly renovated farmhouse in Coorparoo for a photoshoot to showcase both the city’s credentials as an interior trend setter and the power of creative female collaboration. The collaborators are the women behind Coco Rose Interiors, Home Dweller, Lost Lover, Dutch Warehouse and More Than Ever.

The women hatched an idea to stage a bold business initiative, gathering five similarly styled brands to transform one beautiful home with the best fresh and natural looks. “It was just such a great opportunity to work with other Brisbane makers and to both learn from and support each other,” says Brook Gossen from More Than Ever.

“It was important to find businesses that were the right fit, to ensure we had a consistent vibe and our products complemented each other in the photoshoot”, says Anna Sinclair from Lost Lover. “We wanted the photoshoot to encapsulate our brands; be bohemian inspired, eclectic and fun, with a cohesive natural palette.”

The women recruited photographer and stylist Louise Roche from Villa Styling to bring the shoot to life, along with clothing by Sunday Official, makeup by Bethany Prickett, styling assistance by Soul Styling Interiors and videography by Seth Lebrese. The collaboration continued within the women’s community circles when they put a call out on social media hoping to find the right shoot location. After deliberating on many gorgeous locations, it was decided that soon-to-be listed farmhouse by Front Porch Properties was the ideal place for the shoot. As well as being an incredibly photogenic space it was also a chance to showcase the amazing talent of Rachael Turner, the award-winning female builder behind this stunning Coorparoo home.

Felicia Gibson from Home Dweller comments, “The greatest reward from taking part in this collaboration was definitely making the personal connections with each other. When you are running a business on your own it is a lot of work and can feel very overwhelming at times, so to talk to the other women about their challenges and successes was really reassuring and enormously helpful.”

“It was an incredible display of the power of collaboration – business women supporting each other to achieve our goals and share invaluable lessons and experience as we navigate the sometimes-tricky path of running our own businesses,’’ says Annemarie Diephuis from Dutch Warehouse. Petria Leggo-Field from Coco Rose Interiors agrees, “I walked away feeling incredibly inspired with a conviction and sense of self belief stronger than I’d ever had before. The power you gain and lessons that can be learned from a group of women chasing their creative passions and succeeding is beyond amazing.”

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Banner Image: Back row: Rachael Turner, Felicia Gibson, Bethany Prickett, Petria Leggo-Field, Krysti-Glory Gallo, Annemarie Diephuis, Brook Gossen. Front row: Mandie McPherson, Anna Sinclair