Gold Coast-based financial adviser Amanda Cassar has released her new book Financial Secrets Revealed. Amanda, a mother of two, who was voted one of the nation’s 50 most influential financial advisers and is also the Association of Financial Advisers Queensland Chair of Inspire, interviewed 20 Australian and international entrepreneurs for her debut book.

The book intimately showcases stories of 20 men and women from around the world including a Queensland “hostie” who married a German Count to jet set the world only to find herself on welfare, and award-winning former investigative journalist Tanya Targett who went from welfare to world stage after fleeing financial and emotional domestic violence. In addition, stories of General Manager of Families in Transition Susanne Bransgrove, Telstra Young Businesswoman of the Year Tina Tower, and psychologist Alison Hill from Pragmatic Thinking are included.

Amanda complemented the entrepreneurs and advisers she interviewed, saying they were incredibly brave with their vulnerability as they detailed the highs and lows of their business and personal successes. “They shared not only the mindset and lessons learned from their parents around money, wealth, success and happiness but also the legacy they wanted to pass on to their clients and their children,” she said.

Amanda said the book included stories not only from award-winning business gurus and high-profile advisers from Australia and the United Kingdom but also everyday battlers. “Two of the women – including Ann-Marie – went from champagne lifestyles to welfare, having to live and budget within the tough confines of Centrelink pensions,” she said. Amanda hopes her readers will draw inspiration and courage from the words of these entrepreneurs but also usable, tangible money strategies, giving people comfort to walk through their money struggles or stories of domestic violence and financial devastation. “I wanted to share the collective wisdom from those who had loved, lost and learnt.”

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