Georgie Stevenson is not your typical influencer. The 24 year old rose to fame on social media as a health and fitness blogger a little more than five years ago and has already amassed more than 230,000 followers on her Instagram account.

Prior to her social media stardom, Georgie was an undergraduate in law struggling to keep up with her health. As a student, she was making unhealthy lifestyle choices, not eating properly, doing minimal physical activity and keeping irregular sleeping patterns. In her first year as an undergrad she gained ten kilograms, was low on energy and self conscious about the way she looked. She turned to her Instagram account as a platform to keep herself in shape and make better lifestyle choices. She did not expect her use of the platform as an accountability tool would change her direction so dramatically. “When I started my Instagram account it was never intended to be successful, so when my account started to grow so quickly, and I received more and more recognition from complete strangers, I realised that I could really use both this platform and my influence for good,” she said. “As someone who was developing such an intense passion about transforming my lifestyle, it didn’t take long before I decided to commit to taking my health and fitness blogging just as seriously as my law degree.”

Georgie now aims to educate, motivate and inspire her online community through her daily life. “Not long after my journey began, I realised I felt very strong about helping other girls better their relationship with food and fitness, because it wasn’t too long ago that I was struggling with my own,” she said “I feel lucky that I get to share my passion with the world whilst helping people at the same time.”

On the back of her social media platforms, Georgie also has a website where she shares her fitness, nutrition and healthy living tips. “It’s all about staying authentic these days, it’s not just about having the perfect bikini body. People care more about the steps to take to achieve their goals, and by sharing my knowledge and tips to achieving results in a healthy way – I think it resonates through my entire presence online.”

Since letting her passion prosper into a fully-fledged online brand, Stevenson made the decision earlier this year to quit her job practicing family law to pursue her social media career full time.

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