Entrepreneur Danielle Whittaker loves staying fit and enjoys meeting people. Her business, Fit Meet, combines these two interests in a platform which Danielle hopes will help other people connect with fitness partners.

Danielle stemmed the idea after participating in a number of female competitor groups where all of the girls complained that they had no girlfriends to lift weights with. She thought linking these women via an app would be an ideal way for women to find training partners. The idea then grew to cover all sports and locations to help people become more active and link like-minded people together. The obesity epidemic is getting worse, so Danielle believed that encouraging and making it easier for people to become more active by connecting them with accountability partners for motivation would have a positive effect on the worldโ€™s health and wellbeing

Fit Meet links people based on their sport and location to find training partners. It covers all sports, all locations, all ages and all fitness levels. Customers can browse other people and profiles who are close to them geographically, and then send friend requests. Once you are friends, people can then message each other to arrange to exercise or play sports together.

Danielle expresses that although being a solo founder comes with great rewards, she has definitely experienced some downfalls. She describes 2012 as โ€œa pretty big failโ€, where she lost her job, licence, and was scammed when trying to sell her car. Danielle says, though, these unfortunate events have increased her resilience, particularly in the harsh world of business and technology. Danielle will be appearing at the Gold Coast Women’s Expo this weekend.

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