Since 2011, Fleur Sharpe has been successfully making her way up at Thermomix. From starting off as a consultant doing demonstrations and selling Thermomix part-time, to being the first Cooking Class, Events and Commercial Specialist, Fleur is a reminder that success and recognition can come from simply being good at what you love.

Fleur had a positive experience from the time she started out at Thermomix in 2011. “It was a great job and to my surprise, I was quite good at it,” she said. “I enjoyed the income and recognition that came with being good at something you love. I don’t have a tertiary education so that was a new experience for me and it grew my confidence.” Early success for Fleur led to managing a team of consultants in the western suburbs, which later led to managing a branch of about 100 consultants across North Brisbane. When she was promoted to Branch Manager in 2014, her marriage of 20 years broke down. “My job with Thermomix was what saved me,” said Fleur. “Not only were the family that owned Thermomix in Australia incredibly supportive during that difficult time, but their belief in me along with training and support gave me a career. I could support myself and my children and stand on my own two feet.”

In 2017, Thermomix offered Fleur the incredible opportunity to be its first Cooking Class, Events and Commercial Specialist. At this time, Thermomix was starting to realise that customers wanted to learn how to cook in a hands-on environment and that the commercial application of the Thermomix had great potential. “They knew I had a keen interest in how professional cooks used our product, as well as strong presentation and training skills, so they offered me what I can only describe as my dream job,” said Fleur. “This year, I am proud to have launched a hands-on cooking school for Thermomix customers at our Brisbane Airport facility.” At this stage, the classes are exclusive to Brisbane but will be rolled out around Australian in due course. When Fleur is not teaching people how to cook, she is working with chefs and hosting food stage presentations at events. “There is not a thing about this job I don’t love,” she said. “Except maybe doing expenses – that sucks!”

Fleur’s favourite thing about hosting cooking demonstrations is finding joy in inspiring people to cook for their family and friends, and seeing them discover how much they can create with their Thermomix. “I like to think that by helping people realise their potential as cooks it has an impact on their health by eating whole foods, and relationships by bringing people together to share a meal,” she said. “I believe that cooking is the greatest expression of love and creativity. I think I was born to teach people how to cook.” Fleur is currently offering three different cooking class themes: Explore Asia, Essential Italian and Weeknight Wonders. Coming soon is Bread Making, where she will cover the classics like Baguette, Brioche, Ciabatta, Naan, and teach practical hints and tips to demystify bread making.

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