Ashley Freeman is the Founder and Creative Director of The Aurum Collective. The Aurum Collective is a fashion label that is committed to designing collections that empower women to feel confident, strong and feminine.

Ashley’s aim for her line was to cater to the professional woman. “The idea to create a collection of beautiful, functional and enduring corporate-inspired garments was born out of my frustration with the lack of clothing available to young professional women. It became apparent to me that the brands that sold corporate fashion generally fell into two distinct categories; focused on style but not on quality and comfort, or focused on quality and functionality but willing to compromise on aesthetics.”

With styles that are designed to shift seamlessly from the office to after work drinks on a Friday night, the Aurum Collection seeks to keep the wearer feeling sophisticated, elegant, and comfortable throughout their long hours and busy schedule. Focused on perfection, these garments are sampled, tested, refined, and resampled to ensure the final product design is one that endures.

A factor positively influencing the quality of the garments is the handpicked fabrics they are made from. Materials such as Australian Merino Wool ensure that the garments are breathable, soft, thermo-regulating, wrinkle-resistant, odour resistant and have a natural elasticity for a better range of movement. The Aurum Collective also stands apart with its approach towards manufacturing. With all of its products designed and manufactured in Australia with Australian materials, The Aurum Collective is a 100 per cent Australian brand.

Since the brand’s launch in April last year, the label has attracted high profile publicity and a loyal following. The brand has featured in Australia’s national TV program Everyday Innovators and has also featured on the cover of Lita Magazine.

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