Joy Clarke is the founder of FRANK + BARE, the first natural deodorant company in Australia to create AHA deodorant. Joy has always been a creative who is inspired by the pure beauty of nature; its essence, its complex existence and its influence on our wellbeing. With a passion for people + planet, Joy desired to create a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to mainstream deodorant.

Joy’s creative nature mixed with her pharmaceutical experience led to many months of research + development in formulating a product that not only works to prevent + neutralise body odour, but also provide skin health benefits too. Listening to feedback from not only mainstream deodorant users, but also natural deodorant users, Joy developed a science based formula that is unparalleled in the market. Using 5 x natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) as the active ingredients, the innovative FRANK + BARE was born.

Australian made + owned, the products at FRANK + BARE are lovingly handcrafted, 100% natural and completely sustainable. With the philosophy of being kind to our bodies + the environment, the unique formula expertly crafted by FRANK + BARE works as a skin performance product + incredibly effective deodorant housed inside sustainable, recyclable, zero-waste packaging.

Wanting to inspire + contribute to positive social and environmental change and build a better world for future generations, Joy also aligned FRANK + BARE with I=CHANGE where $1 of every purchase is donated to an Australian environmental initiative.

With a carefully considerate and conscious product range and business model, every component of FRANK + BARE has been expertly thought-out, from product that naturally merges skincare + hygiene; to zero-waste fully recyclable packaging that uses soy inks for printing to be kind to the environment.

FRANK + BARE is an Australian first, award winning, safe, sustainable, environmentally friendly and zero-waste product range that merges the best best of science with Mother Nature.