Catch Restaurant Executive Chef Kathy Tindall is challenging the dining scene, as one of the only female Executive Chefs on the Gold Coast. The industry veteran with more than 20 years’ experience in the hospitality industry is offering an innovative, seasonal and sustainably sourced menu at Hilton Surfers Paradise’s signature restaurant. Kathy brings a wealth of knowledge and a fresh perspective to Catch Restaurant.

During her career, Kathy has worked all over the world and in some of Australia’s most renowned dining venues alongside the best in the business, including famed Chef and Restaurateur Luke Mangan. Kathy says she loves the busy environment offered by the hospitality industry. “There are no two days that are the same in this industry. Each day brings something different regarding what or how much we are preparing, what time you would be the busiest at and the flow of guests and their different moods. All these factors can really impact a shift and this changing environment is an aspect of my job that I really thrive in and enjoy,” she said.

Kathy believes the food and dining scene in Australia has evolved during her career, and attributes this to an increase in providers and chefs across the industry. “There are so many more options in terms of products and suppliers and what they offer, having either specialists or some that offer a great diversity of products,” she said. “Definitely the new chefs coming through, I think has changed the industry the most, their expectations of quick succession. Some are still super keen to do the hours and the hard work but it can be tough to find those individuals.”

Kathy says there was an element of logic that went into developing Catch Restaurant with a predominant seafood offering, given its seaside location. However, the creation also provided her the opportunity to showcase her passions of fusing sustainably sourced seafood and Asian influences. Inspired by her time working in Singapore at Luke Mangan’s flagship Salt Grill and Sky Bar, Kathy marvels at the complexity and versatility of Asian flavours, as well as its ability to transform a dish. “I would say I enjoy Asian cuisine the most, it can be simple yet flavourful, it lends itself to being fused with western ingredients and can also offer some great surprises.”

Kathy says her desire to have have sustainable seafood on the menu at Catch Restaurant is a vision that also supports one of Hilton’s global Travel with Purpose commitments, which is to only serve Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified seafood by the year 2022. “Our diners also benefit from eating fresh, locally sourced produce and knowing they are doing the right thing by the seafood industry and supporting suppliers that are operating ethically and sustainably.”

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