Kate Amos is taking charge and embracing her body’s needs. She is the founder of the new lingerie and clothing brand Full Embrace. This line is for women with a larger than average bust size and Kate is following the mantra – if they do not make the clothes you want, make them yourself.

“The idea for Full Embrace started from my own personal frustrations with the lack of options available in bras and clothing for big-busted women,” she said. The new range, The Compatibles Collection, was recently launched and Kate hopes that these innovative products will put an end to women’s frustrations of bra and clothing shopping.  “One of the challenges with having big boobs is that it can be very difficult to find bras and clothing that fit properly and are flattering for your body shape, and wearing strappy-style clothing is usually out of the question, because it would mean having to endure a strapless bra.” With her new collection, the design allows for the clothing to connect to the compatible bra to hold everything in place.

Although Kate did not come from a fashion background she has not let that stop her from following her passion. After seeing the gap in the market, she found people who could help her bring her vision to life. “When I came up with the design concepts, I then worked with pattern makers and technical lingerie designers who have over 20 years experience in designing bras and clothing and we worked together on creating this new collection,” she said.

Starting up a new store alone is no easy feat and Kate has taken on some extra staff members to help with the work load. “As a new startup, I have had to learn all aspects of the business and often have to wear many hats, with my daily activities varying between designing, researching, marketing, accounting, web developing, social media management, etc…the list goes on…and that’s all before my kids get home from kindy and school!”

What’s next for Full Embrace? A range expansion and availability in stores is what Kate is hoping for. “We also have another new innovative design in the works that we are excited about, and we hope to be showing everybody soon,” she said. “We have been overwhelmed by the response and support we have received from women all over the world who are desperately looking for these types of products.”

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