Founder of Fundraising Directory, Mandy Weidmann, is an expert at connecting schools and clubs with fundraising suppliers, many of whom have spent the past few months reinventing their businesses and coming up with unique ways for these organisations to fundraise in the COVID age. Fundraising Directory was established in 2006 and helps 300,000 Australians each year to raise funds more easily through a huge range of free downloadable resources and by connecting event organisers to thousands of suppliers.

“With schools, sporting clubs and community groups increasingly looking for innovative new ways to fundraise, I am delighted to say there are plenty of fantastic options available to them.” Many of Mandy’s clients have invested significant time and money over the past few months to bolster their support systems, which is COVID-friendly and streamlines some of the processes that previously relied on significant volunteer support.

“We all know large events require lots of volunteers, but some of the smaller fundraisers needed just as many hands-on-deck to meet administrative and distribution requirements,” Mandy said. “One of COVID’s silver linings for our industry is the fact these admin heavy fundraisers will be much less so.” Mandy said it was important to remain conscious of the challenging times many are still facing. “We recognise this could be the toughest period in our life-time and that the landscape has completely changed with many people under a lot of pressure.

“The reality is that those who have supported fundraising initiatives in the past may not be able to do so this year—or next—and that’s ok. But there are others who have remained relatively unaffected by lockdowns who are more than happy to support their local school, sporting club or community group and in many cases are happy to take part in the activities and love the sense of community their support brings to their own lives.”

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