As the Principal and Founder of Everywhen Solutions, Gail Eaton-Briggs uses her 30 years of professional experience to deliver bespoke solutions for developing leaders, improved team dynamics, and effective strategic planning.

Everywhen Solutions was named this way because it means ‘at all times, always’. This reflects Gail’s vaues: dedication to being available, accessible, committed, responsive, consistent and reliable. She is one to rely on to meet your needs.

Gail’s unique background of working in early childhood care and education; children, family and youth services; and vocational education and training, coupled with her executive roles in local and state government environments, have equipped her with a holistic understanding of business development.

Her motto is “doing the work I love with the people I connect with to get the outcomes we both want.” The goal of Everywhen Solutions is to help professionals achieve outcomes central to key success factors, be it financial, customer satisfaction targets or any other goal.

Gail was a well-deserved finalist in the 2014 Tasmanian Telstra Women’s Business Awards for her work in quality systems and workforce development. Most recently, Gail has published her first book, Conscious Grit: from stuck to unstoppable. Alongside being an invaluable asset to business coaching and development sector, Gail is a valued member of Women’s Network Australia and recently spoke at one of their women’s business networking events in Hobart.

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