As a shopaholic teenage girl, Gemma Crowe had no idea the impact her eye for design would have. Years later she is now the founder of emerging swimwear label, Infamous Swim. Crowe has hit a niche market and is responsible for the latest local fashion craze: matching mother and daughter swim wear.

“When I relaunched Infamous Swim and introduced the Mini Swim range, I just did not expect the response I got. My Instagram blew up practically overnight!” said Crowe. The instant success of Infamous Mini Swim is a testament to the potential of small brands to make it big in Australia’s current retail environment. With almost 260,000 followers on Instagram, Crowe is hitting a nerve. “Infamous Swim has a different attitude to swimwear. The Mini Swim range is all about family, enjoyment and feeling comfortable in your own skin. That’s what people love,” Crowe said.

Crowe’s tenacity and design skills are a force to be reckoned with, and combined with her own experience as a mother of three she is connects easily with her audience. Infamous Swim taps into the digitally driven body positivity trend by showcasing models in a range of sizes. “My designs are feminine, fun and comfortable. We don’t believe in one-season where – what mum has time for that? We want our swimwear to last. Bold patterns, flattering cuts and high quality materials define the Mini Swim range,” Crowe said. “I just want Australian mums to enjoy the fun bits of motherhood. If putting on a great pair of swimmers and getting a matching pair for their little one helps that, I’m doing something right.” Crowe’s passion and innovative creativity have combined, creating a winning combination which has shot Infamous Swim and their new Mini Swim range into rising stardom.

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