Kate Bushell started Girls of Impact as a social enterprise, to re-define the future of work and what it means for girls. It exists to break down gender stereotypes and encourage girls to think boldly about their careers and to encourage girls to explore and nurture their remarkable powers and own how they want to show up in this world.

Girls of Impact offers an inclusive community of unbiased information, events, transformational workshops, and tools to support girls navigate their futures with confidence and clarity. Kate said we believe ‘she can be what she can see’. “So we introduce every girl of impact to inspiring role models and mentors who make a difference in our communities and societies. At the same time, the opportunity to make life-long friendships and forming their own cheerleading squad,” she said.

Kate said Girls of Impact celebrates the brave, bold, and brilliant girls who step up to challenge the status quo, push through obstacles and barriers, and have the drive and determination to help shape a thriving, diverse and inclusive future. “My daughter, Emily lit the fire in my belly to start Girls of Impact, and it’s my determination and ambition to do more for young women as what I’m seeing for our daughters’ futures isn’t good enough,” she said.

“My goal is simple — to see more girls of impact. To see them embrace their purpose, passion and power and make a positive impact on the world by finding a job they love. If we live lives that are constrained against what we feel are our natural talents, the effort we put into not being ourselves is far greater than the effort it would take to be ourselves. I want young women to do something they love that lights them up and brings them joy so they can lead their best lives.  If we love what we do we can create a world we want to be part of.”

For too long women and girls have faced stereotypes, biases, barriers and inequalities that have held them back from playing their part in an array of different roles and industries. It’s time to change this. There are so many reasons why having women in leadership and different industries like tech is beneficial and vital. It will future proof our daughters, address current sexism within these sectors, provide role models for girls and secure long-term financial independence for women (our daughters).

“Having spent years in the world of diversity and equality, I know women offer unique insights, perspectives and skills into the workplace,” Kate said. “The world is a better, kinder, more empathetic place when women are fairly represented across all industries. If the world is being built under the leadership of only a small portion of our community, what kind of world will we have? We need women building our futures and a world that is equal.”

“I founded Girls of Impact, so we could not only imagine a better world for girls but drive change forward.  I invite you to join the Girls of Impact movement with me, so we can inspire young women to choose a career they love, whole-heartedly believe in themselves and change the way we view the world.”

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