After working in the fashion industry for 18 years, Katherine Golchert is passionate about giving back to the industry that has brought her so much fulfilment by ensuring the next generation of fashion entrepreneurs have access to the skills and knowledge needed to survive the next 18 years in the industry. Katherine has launched her business, Australian Fashion Start Up, to teach everyday Australians how to start their own clothing label form the ground up. “You do not need a fashion degree or any business experience to attend the workshop, simply a dream of starting and the eagerness to learn how,” said Katherine.

Over her career, Katherine has learned to change and adapt to the industry as it evolves, and through hard work and a willingness to learn has been able to work for some iconic Australian brands including local manufacturer, BlackMilk as well as the iconic Lorna Jane, overseeing the production of the garments in China. Katherine founded her own custom made couture house, Rubyanna Couture in 2007 at the age of 26, and wishes there had been this sort of education and mentorship available to help her through the sometimes challenging world of small business ownership.  Rubyanna Couture showcased at the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival in 2010 and 2011 with high praise from some of the Industries long surviving designers.

Katherine is currently still working in production as a garment technician for BLK Sport where she oversees the production for the Australian Athletics Team as well as many other professional sporting teams both in Australia and overseas. Working in offshore production has allowed Katherine to network and build relationships with many ethical and environmentally conscious factories. By continuing to work in the industry, she is able to update and implement the changes that are happening in the industry in the timely manner in which they happen.

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