Grace Farriss released her debut single All The People, a bold fireball of a track with a powerful but timely message to celebrate the interconnection between the diverse cultures that shape the world.

Grace is a poet, singer, songwriter, composer, producer, painter, artist, author and environmentalist, a long, lengthy but talented list. She was born into an artistic and musical family where her passion sparked. Growing up in both the United Kingdom and Australia her parents Shelley Farriss is a lead actor and yoga teacher while father Andrew Farriss is a farmer and the leading composer and songwriter for the past hit band INXS.

After being gifted a nylon string guitar for her 12th birthday, Grace has learnt to play the instrument exceptionally. She explains, “I was always encouraged to play the piano and guitar growing up, we express a lot of music and art in our family, and my Dad’s amazing writing style is genius and has inspired me beyond knowledge,” she said.

Her new single was recorded and produced by Tony Buchen in Los Angeles at his recording studio and was mastered by Leon Zervos who has collaborated with the likes of Amy Shark, P!nk and Maroon 5. The song is an effortlessly cool, 70s-inspired funky disco powerhouse track that is driven by crisp saxophones and gallant horns, balanced perfectly with a potently catchy chorus.

All The People came about while I was thinking deeply about the larger and more worldly aspects of life. The chord progression and rhythm of the song came first, very strongly, and then I put the melody and the lyrics over the top at the same time. I ended up singing All The People lyrics unknowingly, and the meaning became more obvious the more the song took life,” Grace said.

The single is out now and can be streamed online.

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