A new virtual multi-level business education and mentoring solution, groei, is breaking down geological barriers and reshaping how female business owners connect through its programs.

While Australians continue to recover from COVID-19, groei is directly responding to the unique challenges and pressures of growing a business in regional areas, by providing strategic advice, innovative solutions, and tailored support. groei Program Director Tara Jacobsen said the programs provide a lifeline to female business owners in rural communities looking to build a prosperous business.

“We have an incredible community of regional businesspeople building their enterprises to overcome regional and environmental challenges, and create sustainable solutions for their community,” said Ms Jacobsen. “Our programs are well-versed to rebuild regional economies by connecting like-minded peers to support each other through business development and guidance while overcoming challenges.”

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), small businesses contribute more than forty percent of Australia’s economy and employ nearly half of the workforce, making the success of small businesses critical for Australia’s economic recovery. groei is already securing more jobs for regional communities and supporting many regional businesses through its programs, by offering resources to gain the skills, and experience required to achieve sustainable growth. Samantha Devers, Founder of Small Biz HQ in Central Queensland, credited her business development and success to the guidance and learnings she has received from the groei programs.

“groei’s programs have provided me the support, guidance, and accountability I need to change my mindset to a business owner and see real progress and success,” said Ms Devers. “By continuing to use the groei programs, I know I have long-term support and mentorship from Tara and the community and can continue growing my business and providing new jobs for other women,” she said.

groei facilitates the growth of sustainable businesses which will increase employment and economic sustainability in regional and urban communities across Australia and New Zealand.

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