Growing up on a farm in central New South Wales, Havana Home founder Judith Bruce has always been inspired by the familiar scents of home. Judith is passionate about candles, and the unexpected feelings they can conjure. She calls on memories from her childhood and life experiences to create fragrances that evoke memories as vivid as the day they happened. 

“Being a kid on a farm does give you time to explore your senses and watch the craft of those around you,” Bruce said, having grown up watching her mother craft beeswax candles. “I was surrounded by captivating aromas which will stick with me for life,” the business woman says. “Rain hitting the parched earth for the first time in months, fresh tomato and mint sandwiches, the list goes on and on.”

Now based in Sydney, Bruce couples her passion for candle making with her love of art, the  undeniably sumptuous pair coming to fruition in the form of her Havana Home products. Alongside her passion for scents, Judith is also committed to making sure that her Havana Home products are earth friendly. After discovering that many expensive, big brand candle makers were using paraffin wax, a wax derived from petroleum or coal, Bruce was determined to create a beautifully aromatic candle that would not hurt the earth. Made in small batches and using renewable soy wax, her Havana Home candles are not only eco-friendly, but they also support emerging artists. 

With a burning desire to support other women, Bruce has used her brand as a platform to support female Australian artists. The end result is a beautiful long lasting, incredibly fragranced candle, wrapped in stunning packaging that showcases talented female artists.

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