Amanda Jane is the head director of Train with the Girls Pty Ltd. Train with the Girls is a women based gym that is formed around women supporting women to achieve sustainable health goals. Amanda is very passionate about this and along the way has won a plethora of awards including; Rising Star Women in Business, Aspiring Young Women’s Award and First Runner Up for Business Women of the Year 2019.

Amanda claims that her ability for success has come from the multiple hardships she faced whilst growing up, within a low socioeconomic area in North Queensland. “I was living in housing commission in Townsville with my mum – a single mother caring for myself and my little brother… Watching my mum work 3 little jobs to be able to save up and put flooring down in our house taught me one thing – if you work hard and hustle, success is evitable.”

These struggles are what made her strong. “I was subject to bullying, was diagnosed with anxiety, borderline personality disorder and depression. I was self-harming and I was suicidal”. In addition Amanda suffers from a genetic connective tissue disorder that makes her ligaments too flexible. There is no cure, and after some extensive corrective surgery when 16 she had to learn to walk again. These struggles lead her to join the gym.

Amanda initially had a love/hate relationship with the gym, but quickly was consumed with love. Amanda then saw that there was a gap she believed she could help fill. “We noticed a gap in the industry of women feeling insecure to train in male dominated gyms and the lack of community and support.” She is constantly chasing ways to further develop her skills and products to ensure that all women are able to experience the joy and community of health and fitness. “The most important thing I have learnt is knowledge is power. And this is what inspires me to not only strive to teach myself, but also to help teach others so they too can achieve their goals.”

Amanda hopes for the future that she can continue to grow and to help positively impact women’s lives.

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