Co-founder of ATP Science and mother, Toni Doidge is an excellent example of the all-encompassing 21st-century business owner. Toni owns one of Australia’s leading science-backed health and supplement brands.

Working alongside husband Jeff Diodge and lead scientist Matt Legge, Toni’s job involves digital design, content creation, and finance administration. Toni left her degree in biochemistry to start her own online business when she saw a gap in the Australian health market. The business has grown to become Australia’s leading online reseller of health supplements. She then taught herself coding, design, and animation in order to build the ATP sciences website.

Toni gave her raw and genuine insight into personal growth, and how she balances staying present as a parent while running her own $20 million-dollar business, and creator of the number one podcast on iTunes for health and fitness. Impressively, Toni balances her work life with being a mother, soccer coach, and wife. She says it has taken many years to master the ‘parenting balancing act’ and she is still getting it right. “It came to a point where we started to get impatient with the kids for interrupting our work conversations that we would have at home and we knew something had to change,” she said. Hard-working mother and businesswomen Toni Diodge said that she is proud to have built a company that prides itself on integrity and providing customers with products that are what they say they are. “I will always make sure we can hold our hands on our hearts and say our products are top quality with the best ingredients formulated in a way that will genuinely help people. That’s what I care most about – helping people.”

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