Anna Block Wellness Coaching founder Anna Block started her Wellness Coaching Programs in the aftermath of her roller-coaster journey over the past 12 years. She felt frustrated with the advice from most health practitioners that left her in an endless loop of disempowerment. Her approach is the opposite – people learn to take charge of their own symptoms and recovery. That is what Block’s underlying philosophy is all about- empowerment.

She started investigating by reading the latest research and studies, experimenting with different foods that lowered inflammation, replacing the medications she was taking. Block started getting in tune with her body, and developed routines and rituals that helped her manage her gut symptoms and anxiety, working with countless practitioners and elite professionals along the way.

Most of the women she works with have gut issues at the least, or auto-immune conditions, such as psoriasis at the worst. These are typically busy women who come home exhausted from work. Block says it is disheartening and they feel helpless and stuck, and bound by their responsibilities and lack of knowledge. “My job is to help them realise that they have unique biochemistry and obstacles and I help them craft a tailored approach, on a basis of food as medicine, positive psychology and creating a platform of health that generates win after win, using an evidence-based approach and the consistency they need to fully recover,” she said.

When asked what makes her programs different Block says, “I suppose that having dealt with my own health struggles, my understanding of the complexity and frustration of dealing with the medical system is a big part of my work, because I recognise the need for a holistic and integrative approach. It gives me such a rush with my work. I know that a step-by-step, simple approach empowers the women I coach to achieve more than just treatment of their auto-immune symptoms, stop flare ups and take control of their wellbeing – they also learn to reclaim control of their health and their lives on their own terms.”

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