Located at the entrance of Brisbane’s Brookfield, One Wybelenna is a nature spa that truly embraces the essence of nature. Established in 2015, One Wybelenna is the brainchild of Heather Sartain, a registered nurse with a fierce passion for holistic health. After spending years working and travelling around the globe, Heather decided to bring her extensive knowledge of natural medicine and therapeutic techniques to the men and women of Brisbane. We were lucky enough to talk with Heather about the establishment of One Wybelanna, and why she is so dedicated to nurturing the personal health and beauty of her clients.

Heather purchased the original One Wybelenna property with a view to fully redeveloping the site as a residential home. Here, she oversaw the integration of the built and natural environment to create “spaciousness and tranquility” and she implemented a design brief hybridising 1970s California modernism with sub-tropical informality. When completed, “it became apparent that this serene environment was just perfect for a day spa”. And she was certainly correct.

Heather incorporated an infinity-edge pool and spa overlooking the abundant gardenscapes dotted throughout the 2-acre property. The pool water is enriched with magnesium, which soothes the body when absorbed by the skin. “Most of our treatment rooms overlook the spa and pool- although of course they are screened for privacy- and this facility lends a calm presence to the property,” Heather explained. “One Wybelenna aims to provide treatments and rituals to soothe body and mind,” she continued. The therapists at One Wybelenna are trained to ensure the contentment of their clients, and are thoroughly trained in a diversity of skincare and cosmetic treatments. Heather herself always marks her return to Brisbane by a Padabhyang session. “This Subtle Energies Ayuervedic Aromatherapy Indian foot and leg massage stimulates Marma points on feet and legs and it is great for relieving jet lag, improving circulation, and destressing after a long flight,” she explained.

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