She was flying high above the Tasman Sea on a flight from Sydney to Auckland when Lani Devine, founder of Her Royal Flyness, knew she was onto something good.

Devine had recently received the first samples of her new nail art wraps line and decided to test them out as she relaxed on the flight. “It was so easy. They were on in about 10 minutes and my nails looked like I had spend hours sitting for a nail artist,” says Devine. “I stepped off the plane in Auckland with these new designer nails, and you’re not even allowed to take nail polish on a flight.”

That is the beauty of Her Royal Flyness Nail Art Wraps. They can be applied almost anywhere in just minutes – even in an Uber on the way to a party. Her Royal Flyness Nail Art Wraps are made from self-adhesive vinyl. They require no drying time, no tools to apply and last for around seven days, or even longer if you apply a clear base coat before applying the wraps. Best of all, says Devine, you can forget about smudges. “I’m left handed and I could never get a good result on my left hand with nail polish. I was always smudging even the most simple designs and having to start over again. With my Nail Art Wraps, you’ll never have that problem.”

Devine has called on her experience as a graphic designer and art director in the advertising industry to create her own custom nail designs that have been inspired, in part, by her favourite
musicians. “My designs are all about clean, crisp lines, even textures and symmetry,” she says. “The range is bold, glam and glittery with a hint on street attitude. Her Royal Flyness Nail Art Wraps are also easy to trim for a custom fit and require no nail polish remover – simply soak your nails in warm water and peel the wraps off. Each set is made up of 14 nail wraps, and Her Royal Flyness offers free shipping to Australia, New Zealand, the UK and US.

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