Honey Bee Healthy is a family business of third generation beekeepers following the tradition of founder Maree Chapman’s father and grandfather before her.

As a child, Maree remembers helping her father to collect the honey, extracting it by hand and selling it for 35 cents a pound at their front door. Her father grew up in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales, while her grandfather was a beekeeper in the region. Growing up, Maree remembers the bees were high in the Scenic Rim area around Canungra so it was always a pleasurable day working on the harvest and then swimming in the freezing mountain streams.

Following the recent fake honey scandal that shocked Australian honey consumers, Maree emphasises the importance of buying honey from locally grown and supplied distributors. She started Honey Bee Healthy with the purpose of providing her local supporters and honey lovers with pure, raw and unprocessed honey. All of the honey is packaged in glass to protect its chemical-free properties.

Maree will be showcasing Honey Bee Healthy at The Gold Coast Women’s Expo from 17 to 18 November. The event was created to inform, empower and enlighten women. It is the only expo held on the Gold Coast completely dedicated to women, with a spotlight on beauty, lifestyle and holistic health.