Queenslander and social entrepreneur, Ilana Tulloch is running an ethical and sustainable hotel, Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The establishment opened two and a half years ago and is already gaining recognition after being awarded #9 Bargain Hotel in the World on TripAdvisor. The company seeks to create sustainable employment opportunities for Cambodian people and has already created 25 permanent full time positions since there opening.

Both Ilana and partner Adam Scott opened the hotel moving from careers in media, hospitality and music in Australia and Indonesia. Their community commitment at Baby Elephant is an extension of the pairs previous projects and passions. Ilana is committed to providing an inclusive, family friendly and LGBT welcoming hotel that also creates a dynamic and nourishing space for all guests. “Our sustainable and ethical business model is focused on generating career and training opportunities for our team of Cambodian staff,” says the business owner. Staff at the Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel are given opportunities for career development and education. Staff are awarded competitive salaries and provided with fair work hours and vacation time. Tips gained through loyal customers go towards incentive programs and bonuses for staff members.

“Our staff have overcome hardships, working extremely hard to become amazing professionals and we are very proud of our team,” said Ilana. The brand also focuses on creating a sustainable environment having undergone an energy efficiency audit from a leading Australian environmental scientist and is in the process of implementing the recommendations. The new initiatives will include regular cleanup days, refillable glass water bottles in all rooms, recycling projects, an organic kitchen garden, and bicycles for clean environmentally-friendly travel. There will also be a focus on locally sourced ingredients with plenty of menu options for vegetarians and vegans. Currently, the intimate three-star hotel offers yoga, cooking classes, an extensive food and beverage selection and a new garden spa onsite.

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