Romantic, raw and intimate, singer Skott’s new single Midas is inspired by the legend of King Midas and his golden touch.

In Skott’s own words, “Midas is a song about a mythical, undying love – the struggle in daring to let your walls down, open up your heart and become mortal. You can build your life up in solid gold, but it might come at the great cost of starving your heart through isolation.” The track follows her single Bloodhound, and will be also be released with Skott’s debut album in 2020.

After her former label discouraged the notion of an entire album, Skott finished 10 songs in secret. In the delicate process of writing and recording her anticipated debut album, Skott searched for a way to release new music without having to compromise on her creative vision. When the opportunity presented itself, she decided to start her own record label Dollar Menu.

Having amassed more than 100 million combined global streams to date, and with her first four singles reaching #1 globally on HypeMachine, Skott quickly earned a dedicated fanbase with her unique brand of sophisticated, progressive pop. With early co-signs from the likes of Katy Perry and Lorde, both of whom tweeted about her music early on and after supporting acts like MØ and Phantogram on the road, she’s been headlining tours in both Europe and the US. Skott provided vocals on Petit Biscuit’s much loved 2018 single ‘Suffer’, which reached #188 on 2018’s Hottest 200.

This global takeover stands in a stark contrast to the small wooded Swedish village of Vikarbyn where Skott grew up, which is known for its traditional customs. However, it’s this unique way of life and upbringing that has enable Skott to walk her own path and create a world entirely of her own.

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