Sora Caldwell, creator of Indie Boho, never thought that her passion for pups and pooches would lead her to the opposite side of the world for the Academy Awards. Sora has just returned from Los Angeles after being invited to display her stylish pet beds at the Oscars gifting suite. “The timing was perfect as I was planning to launch into the U.S. in 2018 and what better way than with the stars!” she said.

Indie Boho‘s cushion-style pet beds are designed to be more comfortable while the contemporary designs add a pop of colour that generic beds don’t have. “I came up with the idea once I assessed and realised that the existing beds found in pet shops did not suit our warmer Brisbane and wider Australian climate,” “For decades, pet owners haven’t had much choice in pet bedding, with fabric options usually limited to paw prints, brown/grey/black plain fabric, polka dots or stripes … I thought we should have choice, the same way we would purchase quilt covers that appeal to our personal tastes”.

Sora knew she was onto something special when she showed her products to local and well-established pet shops and received gushing responses. “I’ll never forget my first few online customers, their product reviews and feedback gave me more satisfaction than anything I’d experienced in my previous corporate career”. Dogs have always been a big part of Sora’s life, with her favourite memories being with her family dog. Just over a year ago, the inspiration for Indie Boho came about after she and her husband Patrick decided to get a pet cavoodle.

Now through her business, Sora gets to interact with owners and their pets on a daily basis which, to her, is “the best feeling”. Sora hopes to have distribution throughout the U.S. ready by June this year, when she will be back for another large scale pet exhibition.