At the age of 17, Indie Filmmaker Madison Marneros wrote, produced, directed and funded her very own short film, Bloodline. Marneros had been engrossed in the entertainment industry from a very young age. Starting off as an on-stage performer, she loved the world of make-believe and got a thrill from being able to switch into different characters.

A student from AB Paterson College, Gold Coast, she spent years training and perfecting her art form. She has successfully featured in shows like Harrow, and movies such as Swinging Safari. Being involved in these productions sparked a flame inside Marneros, and being part of the hustle and bustle of big productions struck a different chord within her. She was inspired to create her own productions and fueled her passion for filmmaking. It was Marneros’ dream to make a film, and the making of Bloodline allowed this dream to come true. Bloodline is a thriller drama based on the storytelling of witchcraft. Marneros has written, directed and produced the entire project herself.

Queensland Film TV Events will be kicking off 2020 with a spotlight on the daring, young emerging talent. Marneros’ Bloodline will be the first event of the year with Queensland Film TV Event. It will feature a Q&A after the screening where Marneros will talk about the film making process, and her and her team will also share their journey and experiences behind the short film.

Caroline Russo from Caroline Russo Enterprises said she is delighted to be presenting Marneros. “It was through the initiation of a fellow credible filmmaker, Nick McCallum, who introduced me to Marneros’ work. She is without a doubt an emerging creative who has passion, drive, and talent to be in the business.” Marneros wants to continue to grow and involve herself more in the film industry. She hopes one day to create big scale films and tell more stories.

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