Ines Scholtes is bringing brunch to the people. The food sensitive people, that is. At MYLK + KO, nearly all allergies and intolerances are provided for with eggs benedict and banana bread so delicious, you do not need to be gluten free or vegan for the New Farm café to become your new local. Though she studied law, political science and economics, Ines craved a way to combine her creativity and her passion for nutrition. The answer came in the form of food. “I started an Instagram page towards the end of my studies where I created and tested many recipes which became popular. I decided to do something with it,” she said.

Popular might be an understatement. Her page drew more than 20,000 followers within a year and she realised her accessible, in demand recipes needed to live outside the digital sphere. In February 2017, she ushered in MYLK + KO. Born of Ines’s own struggles with food sensitivities and a desire to create a place where all brunch goers could find a menu crafted to their needs, it is a place where wellness does not mean compromising taste. “What has always been important for me is to create food which not only caters to food intolerances and preferences, but is also delicious,” she said. “I have been dealing with food intolerances for a few years and I know how hard it is to eat a nice meal out at times.”

The dining space is outfitted with mint and wooden accents – you feel a little healthier just walking inside. Even early on Sunday mornings, it is teeming; every table full and customers in athletic wear getting takeaway acai bowls and coffees. That is, if they manage to narrow down their selection to just a coffee: equally intriguing options include beetroot lattes, Nutella hot cacao, tiramisu affogatos, cold pressed juices, and Golden Gaytime smoothies. Ines’s menu offers twists on a variety of morning classics – think pancakes lavished with maple baked pears, berries, ginger caramel and roasted hazelnuts, a long list of creative acai bowls, and savoury waffles topped with poached eggs, avocado hollandaise, rocket and crunchy turmeric quinoa.

What makes it so compelling, however, is how accessible it is to those who might otherwise have a very limited brunch selection. Be aware that the menu does changes seasonally. I tried the vege vitality (stuffed with sauteed spinach and kale, fermented kraut, avocado, buckwheat grouts, poached eggs, and a turmeric nut crumb). At this point, I consider myself something of an expert when it comes to green breakfasts, and MYLK + KO’s was by far one of the best I have had. The eggs were perfectly poached, the yolks infusing with the olive oil and walnut pesto, the avocado tangy with a hint of lemon, the groats subtly nutty. The serving size was very generous – there is nothing quite like a meal that makes you feel ready to tackle the day.

MYLK+KO’s bright space, friendly staff and innovative menu will hopefully make it a mainstay in New Farm’s bustling brunch scene— at the very least, you will know where to find us next Sunday.

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