For Aussie model and Instagram star Michaela Wain, exploring potential business opportunities has always been on her mind. Finally, armed with years of experience in the swimwear industry and a bikini body to match, Wain decided to launch luxe swimwear line Michaela Wain Swim in 2017.

“I had literally tried on thousands and thousands of pairs of bikinis before starting my own line, so I knew exactly what worked and what didn’t. I think this is what makes MWS so unique! My pieces come from years of personal experience,” she said. With the new age in brand communication and marketing brought upon by social media. Michaela seized the new window of business as an influencer entrepreneur.

Michaela, 22, is part of a growing group of influencers to successfully use her social media presence as a tool to build a brand. She attributes her success to being an early adapter of the social media app and being ahead of the influencer market trend. By realising early the capacity for success that could come from the right brand and right personality collaborating, she decided to use that as the catalyst for her business venture.

“I figured out quickly that the more engaged I was on Instagram, the more brands noticed me,”said Michaela. It was this knowledge, her modelling career, and her passion for swimwear, which encouraged her to start her own venture. The future plans for Michaela involve continuing her modelling and influencer work in conjunction with her role as founder, owner and designer at MWS. As for her brand, she wants to continue to create fashion forward and leading boutique swimwear that’s not just designed for Australian women but as a staple in personal bikini collections world-wide.