Sydney songbird Isy Isy floats into 2019 with the release of her third single, Emersed. True to form, Isy Isy brings luminous, airy vocals to the forefront of electronic production.

Entrancing the listener from the get-go, the track opens with delicate, sultry vocals steadily building as the seemingly minimalistic backing swells, progressing into the hook. When writing the track, Isy Isy aimed to capture the feeling of an overwhelming love—a feeling that was, for her, so deep and immersive that she had to swim away. Pairing the dark and stormy undertones with uplifting, empowering lyrics and light synths, Isy Isy captures the rush and foreboding of dangerous love.

Emersed was produced and recorded by Sydney legend, Liam Quinn (Guy Sebastian, Katy Seele, Theif) in his personal studio. “I brought a few demos into the studio but I also really wanted to start on something fresh,” said Isy Isy. “I had the lyrics ready that I had been working on and we just built the production from scratch. I was really cool to jump in the studio and start something fresh. I usually work with other producers once I have already produced a song to a level and want it to level up.”

Isy Isy’s debut EP, Levels, will be released later this year, which also features her two breakout singles, ‘All The Time’ and ‘Set Me Free’. She has previously played support to G Flip, Billy Fox, Kid Fiction and Ross Henry. Stoney Roads calls her ”one of the most promising vocalists we’ve heard in a while.”

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